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Agriculture Loan


Under agreement financing products agribusiness entrepreneurs are empowered to acquire full installed greenhouse, drip irrigation system, training on greenhouse management, hybrid seeds, soil test, chemicals and fertilizers under installment payment, which would not have been able to acquire, anywhere.
The entrepreneur will obtain the service without paying full price. But the entrepreneur continues paying for the installed greenhouse or drip irrigation systems in a number of agreed periodic installments.
This product and services are introduced to help entrepreneurs acquire greenhouse and drip irrigation systems for their enterprises while they do not have sufficient capital to invest in such greenhouses and drip irrigation systems.

Features and Benefits of greenhouse and Drip irrigation Loans

The key features and benefits of horticulture loans are as follows:

  • Simplified Documentation: When borrowing a greenhouse and drip irrigation loan, applicants will only have to submit a few documents such as a valid photo identity proof, proof of residence, etc. These documents can be submitted along with one’s application form.
  • Quick Processing: SOILA PLC officers will verify your application form and the documents submitted by you, after which your loan application will be approved.
  • No interest rate: SOILA PLC has no interest rate in their service instead of repaying the cost of greenhouse and drip irrigation through installment.
  • Loan Repayment Tenure Options: Our loan tenure is a mid -short term, from 6 month to 12 months
  • No Hidden Charges: When you borrow greenhouse and drip irrigation loan, you may need to pay other charges such as the application form, processing fee, 75% of total loan, etc. However, SOILA PLC will usually inform prospective borrowers about the various charges that they may have to pay for before the greenhouse and drip irrigation loan are borrowed.

Services application procedures
1. Who can apply?

All individuals, groups, cooperatives, micro, small and medium size private agribusiness entrepreneurs can apply for SOILA PLC products and services.

2. Procedures and documents

Clients may apply for SOILA PLC products and service directly from Head Office or through a downloading form in our website( ).
The following procedures and documents apply in the process:

  1. Fill and submit application form
  2. Pay application fees
  3. Pre-evaluation review by SOILA PLC Officer
  4. Pre-evaluation site visit by SOILA PLC Officer
  5. Business plan
  6. Bank Pay in slip of 75% of your requested loan
  7. Sponsors/guarantor documents
  8. Village/ street chairman letter for verification of your residence
  9. Proposal evaluation by SOILA PLC Officer
  10. Proposal evaluation by SOILA PLC during loan processing
  11. Any other document mandated by the SOILA PLC

3. Application Forms

Clients may apply for SOILA PLC products and service directly from Head Office or through a downloading form below
Agriculture Loan- Application Form

Greenhouse and Drip irrigation Loan Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to process your application will vary based on the SOILA PLC terms and conditions. It will take around 7 days to process loan applications.

Yes, SOILA PLC will require you to have a guarantor.