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Contract Farming

Crops under contract farming

  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Beans
  • Sweet melon
  • Baby corn
  • Potato for chips
  • Sweet peppers
  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Sunflowers

Contract Farming Model

Our contract farming business undertaken under the model of an agreement between a client/investor and SOILA PLC that specifies the requirements for production and marketing of a selected crops. The client/investor usually request for services by inject money /funds to SOILA PLC for getting profits through agriculture production. SOILA PLC job will be to perform land leasing, land preparation, cultivation, farm management, harvesting, packaging, search markets and selling the produce
The investor/client job is to inject money/funds as capital for purpose of getting profit according to signed contract between two parties.

The benefits

  • Our Contract farming seeks to help purchaser/clients/investors
  • Clients/investors will receive profits according to investment capital and crop signed on the contract
  • Guarantee Return On Investment (ROI) on the investment capital
  • It lowers the risk, as well as the costs of production.
  • Our contract farming model open up new opportunities for individuals, organization, farmers ,civil servants, retired servants, entrepreneurs, companies in the Food processing industry, companies in the diary product production industry, players across different industries that rely on raw materials from farms