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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

SOILA PLC we help farmers to access markets for their agriculture produce in a right time. Get in touch with our marketing service and be one of the beneficiaries in Tanzania and worldwide.

1. How to become member?

Procedures for joining and becoming a member of SOILA PLC for marketing services.

  • We have a very simple procedure to of joining SOILA PLC, you can become a member by filling the membership application form available at our headquarters offices in Morogoro or download membership application form at our website and contact directly with our staff through phone number, email or WhatsApp.
  • After filling in the form, the next step is to pay your membership dues according to your membership category. The payment can be done directly to our Bank Account indicated on the form or by cash at our office.
  • For more information about how to join SOILA PLC, please contact the Investor relation at the address .Become a member and join an organization that understands your concern on marketing issue.

2. Benefit

All SOILA PLC members-individuals, groups, SMEs and organizations-will have exclusive access to the following member-only benefits:

  • Marketing access of your agriculture produce in and outside Tanzania
  • Receive information of agriculture produce and various opportunities
  • Access to SOILA PLC's technical services through our staff who are able to provide technical services on sales and marketing, food safety, standards, nutrition and government policies and regulations.
  • Access to SOILA PLC's marketing information database which delivers various information directly to your phone including latest prices in more than 30 markets, proper agricultural practices, industry news updates and policy and regulatory issues
  • Input dealers, financial institutions and other service providers will be given access to our database of farmers as well as the chance to advertise their products. Farmers and other value chain actors will be given opportunity to access information on quality input and financial services dedicated to advancing the agricultural sector
  • Opportunity to network with other industry actors through various platforms. organized by SOILA PLC and its partners

3. Membership typet

As Business Association SOILA PLC core purpose is to represent its members and focus their interests to bring change for the better on marketing of agriculture produce. SOILA PLC has three categories of membership:


Small farmers who want to sell 0 to 20 tons of agriculture produce. (membership fee is Tsh. 30,000 per year)


Medium farmers who want to sell 0 to 100 tons of agriculture produce (membership fee is Tsh. 50,000 per year)


Big farmers who want to sell 0 to 1000 tons and so on of agriculture produce. (membership fee is Tsh. 150,000 per year)

4. Application Forms

Clients may apply for SOILA PLC products and service directly from Head Office or through a downloading form in our website( ).

  • Download Marketing services -Membership application Form